The Ultimate Fundraiser for Virtually Any Organization

"Invest a half hour of your time and nothing more to earn thousands of dollars every year for your Non-profit"

If you have been wading through fundraiser ideas for a while and have become frustrated with inital capital outlays, small commisions, and the enormous amount of work involved...

This may just be the most important letter you read all day.

After being involved with numerous fundraisers over the past 5 years, including the Special Olympics, Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police, Arkansas Sheriff's Ranch and Battered Women's Shelter...I know first hand what a booger fundraisers can be.

That is why I'm bursting with excitement to tell you about this fundraiser that requires...

* Minimum or No Capital Upfront.
* Your Organization keeps 100% of the Funds.
* Zero Inventory.
* No deliveries.
* Your organization gives away a free, valuable, In-demand product and service.
* $50 Pay out for every Free give away.

Well I won't keep you in suspense...

Did you know that your organization can raise funds like crazy giving away FREE Satellite systems?

That's right...and I'm sure you have heard of Dish Network...Your organization can make $50.00 for every FREE Dish Network Satellite System you give away!

Now, in a moment I'm going to tell you where you can get started...and absolutely free...I will leave most of the details of the actual free satellite sytems you'll be giving away to them...

Because I want my time with you to focus on how to make this the Most Lucrative Fundraiser you have ever done.

All your organization will have to do is distribute a telephone number that will have your organizations promotion code on it...

Now there are hundreds of free and low cost ways to do this...

* One of the very first things I do is call and talk with the local media, newspapers are best, but radio and tv is good too...

The media eats this kind of news up!

Imagine this headline in your local paper...

"Give a helping hand to (your organization) and get a FREE 4 Room Satellite Dish Network System to boot."

and in the story there will be the 1-800 number and your promotion code where people can call and get their free system and help out at the same time.

...and again your organization receives $50, and Dish Network handles everything else, which means no cookie dough to deliver, no chasing down money over and over again.

Now, I don't know how big your town is, but if only 20 readers signed up for the free installation, that is $1000.00 pure profit to your group.

* This idea is great for Churches. Just print up some flyers (already designed at the site I'm going to give you) and make a simple announcement and direct them to pick up a flyer.

If you are a non-profit organization...You are sitting on a literal fundraising goldmine.

* Just type up a simple letter about what you are doing, drop in a few cards (available at the site I'm going to give you) and send it out to your donors and members...remember to put in a few cards and mention to have them give them to friends that may be interested.

For actual involvement from the kids, students or members in you organization, give them plenty of flyers, cards or door hangers and have them pass them out...the sign up rate is very high, especially when coupled with a fundraiser.

Do you already have a website? Would you be interested in earning recurring income for your school, church, shelter, non-profit...over and over and over...for about a half hour of work?

How about this?

Sign up as a Dish Network Affiliate...

Put up a simple link on your web page...

Here's an example:

Help our football team get their uniforms and get a FREE four room Dish Network Satellite System for Yourself!

Folks it really is that simple. And that one link could earn you thousands of dollars a year! Total time invested...about a half hour!

(By the way...I would be happy to make the above link go to your organization...E-mail me with your info and I can make it happen for you)

Well, hopefully you have a really good idea why I call this The Ultimate Fundraiser.

People like to help good causes, but people love to help when they get something they really want in return and don't have to pull out cash from their pockets.

This fundraiser is a win for you, a win for your cause, a win for your donors and win for Dish Network.

I would be happy to help you any way that I can, or answer any questions you might have.

My personal e-mail address.

Click Here to get started with this exciting fundraiser.

May God Bless You and your endeavors,

Travis W. Sago

P.S. Be sure to come back and e-mail me if you decide to start, I have a lot of resources to share with you that can really make this fundraiser a smashing success for you.

P.P.S. UPDATE...After your organization gives away 19 Free Satellite Systems in one receive a whopping $100 for each system after that! It keeps getting better.

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